WESSA LOWVELD – Caring for the Earth

29th November 2019

Jeremy Anderson : Chair Wessa  Lowveld.


In the Lowveld, we are privileged to live of one of world’s richest areas in terms of landscapes and wildlife. However, with this comes an increasing responsibility for us as residents in the Lowveld to play our part in helping conserve this natural heritage. “Care for the earth”.

WESSA Lowveld was started as a centre by Howard Kirk and led by him until his untimely death. We are now a region and although the smallest in number we punch above our weight. WESSA itself has gone through evolutionary changes and from being the first and sole Conservation NGO in the country it is now one of many and no longer centre stage. We are still a major player and busy reclaiming our Mojo thanks to our young and energetic membership.

Why is caring for the earth an increasing social responsibility?                                                                                

  • It is because it is the only one we have. 
  • It is because we have increasing threats of human population growth – aided by immigration; climate change and Mpumalanga has some of the most polluted air in Africa; invasive alien species , rhino and now elephant and lion poaching and a declining  capacity of conservation agencies to fulfil their mandates. 
  • On a global scale there is a growing view that to conserve mankind we must conserve half of the earth and all the biodiversity.
  • It is because we cannot expect government to solve the problems for us, but we can each play a part in this struggle.
  • Whether your part is simply signing a petition, or giving of your time and energy, when the parts are combined, they become significant and can make that critical difference.

Next year, we will again be arranging interesting talks and we will have our second Debate on another contentious topic. We will have another Bioblitz on the White river. We will also have a Crayfish festival, where we will address the problem of the invasive Australian red claw crayfish in the Lowveld – not what you had thought! We will continue to support our tracker dogs in Zululand and make our voice heard on conservation issues.

To you who may be wondering “What can I do to help?”. Take the first step and join a serious  Conservation NGO. Join us!